A Message Inside

mixed media workshop in Oklahoma City


An in-person mixed media workshop led by Carol Ann Webster and Annalisa Campbell at Brayer&Brush Studio

Saturday, February 9, 2019

If you’ve hit a creative slump and can’t find your way out, or if you just want new inspiration for your art, then “A Message Inside” mixed media workshop will jump-start your creativity.

Carol Ann Webster, an Oklahoma City mixed media artist, and Annalisa Campbell, artist and studio owner at Brayer&Brush, will guide you to find just the right word or collections of words that are meaningful to you. Words you already know in your heart. Words that inspire you just a little. One word is often enough to get started.

“A Message Inside” mixed media workshop offers you the chance to…

  • Work with a favorite word or passage that has meaning for you and will lead you to your own creative powers

  • Learn techniques that show off your creativity

  • Add your creative touches to a cigar-box that will serve as a container for your words of inspiration

  • Slow down in your fast-paced life just a little and reflect on what lights your creative fire

  • Make use of tools and materials that are flexible across different mediums

  • Connect and work with new friends who are also looking for inspiration to use in their own art

  • Get feedback and help from Carol and Annalisa. two experienced artists, who want you to feel so inspired that you will continue to make art that speaks to you long after the workshop

What is included in this workshop?



Bring with you your special word or passage of words that will inspire the choice of colors, textures, and images you use to decorate your cigar box.

Learn mixed media techniques that Carol and Annalisa use in their work.


Bring a word that has special meaning to you. Or maybe a snippet of poetry or a quote that speaks to your heart.


You will learn the following:

  • Gilding with with metal leaf

  • Painted paper

  • Watercolor your word and cut it up for individual journal pages that fit in your box

  • Collaborate with other students creatively. Share papers that are painted

What to bring

  • A word or passage of words, like a short poem, that has meaning for you

  • Bring a sack lunch - we will have drinks and snacks, or you can bring your own

Where will the workshop be held?

Brayer&Brush Studio and Gallery in Oklahoma City


3012 North Lee - Unit A

OKC, OK 73103



“Although not on the main path of the Paseo, Brayer&Brush is very much a part of the Paseo District arts scene. You will find us just down the alley, west of Picasso Cafe, and just north of Old Trinity of Paseo.”


Testimonials from past students…


“I enjoyed it very much. The atmosphere was pleasant and there was a generous spirit.”

“I don’t think it could have been better in any way! Loved that you opened up with the attendees introducing themselves….just pure joy in learning something new.”

“Lovely sharing spirit, great presentation.”

“I loved how all the materials were prepped and ready to go! It made the creating process much easier. You did a great job presenting and helping.”


Registration for “A Message Inside” mixed media workshop:

Cost $95

Hours 1o am - 4 pm

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Brayer&Brush Studio, 3012 North Lee, Unit A, Oklahoma City, OK

Max students: 6 / min students: 4

Would you like to register? Click this button to register on the Brayer&Brush website.

Got questions?

Email Carol: carol (at) carolannwebster.com

Email Annalisa: annalisa.art (at) gmail.com