Examples of custom painted furniture and cabinets

I get inquiries asking if I paint custom furniture finishes in the Oklahoma City metro area. The answer is "Yes!".  I’ve been a professional furniture and cabinet painter since 2009. I can paint furniture and cabinets, old or new and give you the look you want. 

I love to paint and love painting a custom look for your furniture. Please don't hesitate to email and we can discuss the look you want. There is no charge for an estimate.

I have a bachelor’s degree in interior design and a master’s degree in human relations, both from the University of Oklahoma. I learned a lot about paint while working at Home Depot, first as a paint department employee, then later as store manager. I've also taken paint finishing workshops around the country learning from other professional decorative painters. 

If you know what you want, great! If you're not sure, we can figure it out together.

Contact me for a free estimate in the Oklahoma City, OK metro area.