Turn Your Treasured Photos into Treasured Art

For better than the minting

Of a gold crowned king

Is the safe memory

Of a lovely thing.

~Sara Teasdale

My goal is to create a work of art that celebrates and onors your story. Great care and personal attention goes into every original creation.

Preserving the past as art

Capturing your history

Use your family photos to create a memento to rekindle warm memories and joy from your childhood, early marriage years or your grandchild's childhood.

Saving the memories of our lives gives our children and grandchildren the opportunity to know their grandparents, great-grandparents and beyond.

Bring your precious memories to life with a pictorial creation that portrays the love you have shared.

To preserve your memories and treasures with the greatest card and attention to detail in a personalized creation that will be handed down to generations.

Let's design a piece that captures memories of your past, your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who will not be with you forever, Think about preserving their memories and treasures with the greatest care and attention to detail in a personalized creation that will be handed down to generations.

As I create these loving pieces of art for my clients, they remember their stories and events too priceless to lose in a photo album or boxes that never come out from under the bed and become dusty relics lost forever to their family.

I started to make souvenirs of my past in order to try to capture bits of it. Both of my parents, all of grandparents and most of aunts and uncles are deceased. I have the scary thought that my children go through their life not knowing enough about their ancestors. Because I am a visual communicator, I decided to make art that would tell a story about someone in in our family and that would help my children come to know that person and themselves a little better.

My purpose is to give others the chance to save a memory, tell a little story, and make a treasure out of a bit of the past.