Carol Ann Webster.jpg

After spending years as a professional cabinet and furniture painter and workshop leader (business name, Miss Smarty Paints), I made the transition to mixed-media artist. I draw on my extensive experience with faux finishes and redirect it to canvas in order to create scenes pulled through the gauzy veil of time past. I blend textures and color in unexpected ways to evoke an emotional response in the observer - wrinkled tissue paper, thick paints. cracks, rust, and a reinterpretation of mundane items into haunting images of another time and place.

A true Oklahoman in my heart and soul, I was born here and have spent my life here. I draw great inspiration from the eclectic Oklahoma landscape, from the gently rolling hills in the western part of the state to the rugged (slightly) mountainous terrain in the east.

I’m truly passionate about art, and the joy I get from creating it is a feeling I want to share.