How to Use Inkpress Clear Film for Image Transfers 

Inkpress Media Clear Film is a clear polyester sheet that is designed for inkjet printers.


I use Photoshop to modify the photo I use for the transfer. You can use any image-editing software.

Here are tips to remember when using inkpress media clear film:

  • Reverse the image as you set up your inkjet printer (this film won’t work with laser printer)

  • You can print in color or just black

  • Touch the film with a damp finger. If it sticks to the film, it’s the side you need to print on.

  • The alcohol in the hand-sanitizer melts the ink and captures your image onto the tea bag and paper

  • Don’t use too much hand-sanitizer. If you do, the image will smear. The hand-sanitizer should be damp, not goopy on the paper.

  • I like to group several images on one sheet of film. This saves me money and time when I get started making my art.

Reach out to me if you have any questions about using this material at