How to Mount an Eco-Print to Canvas

I’ve been pretty consumed with eco-printing for several months. I’ve created a lot of eco-printed paper.

Eco-printed paper for collage and other art projects

Now I have a big stash to use on lots of projects.

If you’ve made printed papers using flowers and leaves, you know how addictive it can be. Maybe you wonder what can you do with all this cool-looking paper?

Here are some of the things I’ve made using the eco-print technique. I’ve included the papers that were printed using cyanotype process because I use plants as masks on the paper.

These papers also make great greeting cards and beautiful scarves.

Scarves and papers printed using flowers and leaves.Any of these would be great for Christmas gifts.

Without fail, one section of the image is worthy of a transformation to a piece of art.

In this video, I show you how I decide what the main image should be and how to mount it to a small canvas.

How to Mount Eco-Print to Canvas video
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