Art Residency - Making an Edition

I’m in an artist residency program at Artspace at Untitled in Oklahoma City. The program I’m in is for artists who live in this area. So I don’t reside there, I just go there 4 days a week for a total of 20 hours per week.

I had no experience with a program like this before I applied. I read the prospectus that Artspace at Untitled published and felt like I could accomplish the goals they set out so I applied.

The goals are:

  1. Artist will commit to spending 20 hours a week utilizing our equipment in the ARTSPACE studio to complete their projects.

  2. Artist agrees to teach either a workshop or host a lecture concerning processes and methods they are utilizing in their own work.

  3. Artist will be expected to complete an edition of 40 prints, 11”x14” in size.

Now that I have been there for a few weeks, I have a much better understanding of the expectations and I have a plan (finally).

So here’s what I’m doing:

Goal #1 I work on my art projects at Artspace at Untitled Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 10 to 3. I want to attend every workshop offered, if I can, and they are usually on Saturdays.

Goal #2 is no problem. I’ve been teaching workshops for years. What is new is that I want to teach a workshop on a print process since Artspace is a printmaking studio.

I’ve already made a commitment for my workshop. It will be in August and the topic will be cyanotype and eco-printing. I love the idea of combining those printing techniques using plants as the common denominator. If this sounds fun to you, you’ll be one of the first to get the registration information (because you’re part of my tribe!)

Goal #3 is about creating an edition of 40 prints. I have very little experience printmaking, except for eco-printing. But one of my goals is to learn more about printmaking.

I’m keeping a journal of every day at Artspace. I write down what I do and how it turns out.

My Edition progress:

The education director and I have talked about how i can incorporate printmaking into my art. The creation of the edition of 40 prints will include printmaking in addition to the layers and texture that i use in my work.

In the beginning I told the director I would like to use photo transfers (another of my favorite processes) in the work. She encouraged me to use another process not directly related to photography. Her suggestion was to screen-print the details that I wanted to transfer to the work.

Here is the plan:

  1. I will start with an eco-print of leaves. Here is the inspiration piece.

printed leaves.jpg

These leaves came from a smoke bush in my sister’s yard. Since I used apple cider vinegar as the mordant, everything has a lovely, aged yellow look to it. I want to keep the color and the stains in the background.

I’ll coffee-stain 40 sheets of printmaker’s paper to get the yellowed and distressed look. I’m going to use walnut ink crystals, iron water, and bleach along with the coffee to get a really distressed background.

The second step will be to make a silk screen of the leaf veins, spores and stems and screenprint over the background paper in a dark brown or black ink.

I’ve already made the artwork for this layer. It’s Duralar and black ink pen.

carolannwebsterart-leaves drawing2.jpg

Finally, I’ll print the leaves onto the background paper over the screenprint using a collograph technique. I haven’t started that yet, so I don’t know how that will go. I have to learn how to do that!

I’ll keep you up to date on the process of this edition of 40 prints.

If you have any suggestion about this project, please share them with me. I’m truly learning as I go. My hope is to learn as much as I can and add new techniques to my art.

Carol WebsterComment