I'm an Artist-in-Residence!

I’m currently an artist-in-residence at Artspace at Untitled in Oklahoma City. I just started this week.

When I applied for this opportunity, I didn’t really know what to expect. I read the prospectus and some art friends encouraged me to apply. I have a lot of respect for Artspace at Untitled and its place in the Oklahoma art community. I just didn’t dream I would be chosen to be one of the artists-in-residence for 2019.

If I had known how much I would love being there and how much I think I will grow as an artist, I would have been too scared to apply.

This is only my first week and I will be there for 13 more weeks. My tenure runs from May to August. My residency commitment is to be at “Untitled” for 20 hours a week making art. I get to chose those 20 hours.

Printing presses at “Untitled”

Printing presses at “Untitled”

The challenge of being an artist-in-residence is that the work is entirely self-directed. I bring my own supplies and materials and make the art I want to make. I’m going to make a work plan for every week so that I am productive.

What do I see are the advantages of this residency?

  • Time is set aside for creating art. There are no demands on my time except to make art.

  • I bring my own supplies, tools, and materials. I also have access to art-making equipment that I could only dream of having access to.

  • I can attend any workshop that is offered at “Untitled” during my residency at no charge to me. I plan on attending every single workshop that is offered.

  • I will learn printmaking skills. I can watch any of the “Untitled” members make their art using printing presses, silkscreen equipment, letterpress, etc and learn by observing. I don’t know much about printmaking yet but plan on learning and incorporating those new skills into future work.

  • I get to meet local and national artists who are visiting. One of my goals is to meet and make connections with other artists in my community.

I couldn’t be more excited about the summer and how I will grow as an artist.

Carol Ann Webster at Untitled1 (1).jpg

Here’s the first piece I’ve completed as an artist-in-residence.

“It’s Complicated” 2019

“It’s Complicated” 2019

I will keep you posted about happenings as I go through my residency. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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