Make Your Own Art Challenge

I’ve put off making art on a consistent basis the past several years, thinking other things were more important. Some things are more important to me, like my family and spending time with them. But housework is not as important. Watching TV is definitely not as important.

On January, 17, 2019, I created a challenge for myself to make one piece of teabag art for 30 days in a row. And I have to share it with the world. I’ve chosen Facebook to get it out there.

I don’t have a great track record for completing challenges. What’s made me commit to creating any kind of art? The answer: I want an art-making habit.

Creating teabag art seemed like something I could commit to.

It’s not scary. It’s paper.

My thought was that teabag art is small. Not scary. And it’s paper.

The 3-inch by 6-inch size makes it possible. I can do that much.

This little size doesn’t scare me like a 12-inch by 12-inch canvas scares me. I feel pretty confident that I can come up with an idea that covers so little real estate.

If I develop a habit of creating something everyday, I will build the creative muscle I need to make bigger pieces. The more I do, the more creative strength I’ll have.

Even though I’ve only made 12 pieces so far, I’m proud of myself for keeping my commitment to myself and to the world.

Here’s how this challenge has helped me

  1. I’ve made one piece of art every day for 12 days

  2. I have more creative confidence because I’ve come up with 12 ideas

  3. I faced my fears and put my work out into the world

  4. I’ve gotten some great compliments

  5. I’ve learned more about the kind of art I like to create

  6. I’ve had the creative courage to apply for an art opportunity that I would have never done in the past

So I want to share my experience with you and encourage you to create your own art-making challenge.

Here’s the big clue to making this work for you: Make your challenge as simple as you can.

Make your own simple rules

1. Decide on one reason for challenging yourself

  • Want to work more consistently?

  • Want to get ready for a show?

  • Want to make a body of work?

  • Want to develop a new style of work?

I just wanted to develop an art-making habit

2. Set up your art-making parameters. Don’t make them complicated. Don’t scare yourself.

  • Is each piece the same size?

  • Use the same tools?

  • Same color scheme?

My parameter was to use teabags as the starting point. That was it.

3. Choose the time frame for your challenge

  • X number of days in a row.

Mine is 30 days.

4. Be answerable to someone.

  • Make a commitment to the world or to just one person, but tell someone who cares if you do the work.

I put it on Facebook. I can’t bear the thought of embarrassing myself by not completing my commitment.

If you’re ready, share your challenge with me. I would love to support you in building your creative confidence.

5. Get started

If you want to know how to begin with tea bags, I wrote about it here

And to see the final results of my 30-day challenge, check this out.

30-day challenge.jpg