How to Clean Tea Bags to Use in Your Art

I drink a lot of hot tea. It always pained me to throw out the used tea bags. Now I have a good way to use them, as a base for art. But there’s some prep work to be done first.

I like all kinds of tea, mostly black tea. I buy different brands, like Stash, Steep, or Twinings. My son-in-law gave me a box of tea that his Italian grandmother used to drink called Red Rose.

After I’ve steeped the tea, I toss the tea bag onto a plate I keep on the kitchen counter. The tea bags can dry out a little which makes them easier to work with.

how to untie tea bag.jpg

Some teas use a knot to tie the bag to the string. I untie it using a bamboo skewer. If the bag is damp, not too dry or too wet, the knot will untie pretty easily. If there is a metal staple, I rip off the top of the tea bag just below the staple.

how to unfold tea bag 2.jpg

I gently separate the seam and dump the leaves into a bowl. I’ll put the leaves outside in the flower bed later.

how to empty tea bag_ (1).jpg
tea bag drying.jpg

I rinse the tea bag paper and lay it out wet on the kitchen counter. I’ll leave it there until it’s dry. It’ll be nice and flat, ready to become a piece of art.

stack of empty tea bags.jpg
how to clean tea bags4.jpg

Here are a couple of pieces from my 30-day challenge