Inspired by old magazines

I have a trunk full of old Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines.


These date from the 1920’s to the 1940’s. I inherited the trunk when my dad passed away. Nobody wanted the trunk full of old magazines, except me. It felt like a connection to my dad. We both enjoyed making things. He was especially good with his hands.

So, I have hauled this trunk around for more than 30 years.

Only recently have I found a way to use these magazines. I’m putting them in my mixed media art.

I think he would approve.


I use torn out pages as the background for most of my art. The graphics and the type faces used back then are not seen in today’s advertising. And the articles have stopped me more than once begging to be read.

I tear the pages so that the text runs vertically or horizontally. I try to add contrast and interest as I glue the bits of paper down to my substrate.

And this always brings my dad to mind. I love that.

You can barely read the text behind the paint, but it adds a level of interest that wouldn’t exist without the text from the old pages.