Rusted Tea Bags and Thread


It’s time for a new beginning. I plan on making the most of the New Year by expanding my art using more thread and fabric in addition to text, photography, and collage.

It’s popular to chose a word to focus on at the beginning of the year and I have chosen “growth” as my word.

The thesaurus lists growth along with expansion, improvement, and rising up.

How I made this piece:

I started with three rusted tea bags, two rectangles and one round.

Here is how I rusted them.

When they were dry, I ironed the two rectangles onto a piece of interfacing that is heat-activated. Now, they’re sturdier than just the tea bag filter paper.

I used matte medium to attach the round tea bag to the structure.

Then, I tore some old text into a strip that was the length of the width of the piece. And I tore a little piece that looks like a house.

I hand stitched all of the papers to the structure.

If you want more info about how I made this piece, just email me. I’m happy to help.


Carol WebsterComment